The View Co-Hosts Have a Group Text Thread but Whoopi Goldberg Keeps Removing Herself: 'I'm Busy' [Video] |

The View Co-Hosts Have a Group Text Thread but Whoopi Goldberg Keeps Removing Herself: ‘I’m Busy’ [Video]

Whoopi Goldberg has no interest in being part of “The View” co-hosts group chat.

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The View co-host, 68, hilariously pled her case on Monday’s episode of the talk show when the other panelists questioned why she keeps removing herself from work-related group text threads.

After Alyssa Farah Griffin sparked the conversation by asking her peers if they had a group chat, Sunny Hostin explained that “there was one at one time.”

“Whoopi will gladly give you her spot,” Ana Navarro joked, to which Hostin, 55, replied: “She doesn’t look at any of us.”

“I feel like Michael Corleone. Because I take myself off the group text… and then I’m BOOM, back! And I’m like, ‘What the,'” Goldberg said of her Godfather-esque group-chat evasion attempts.

Hostin then elaborated, adding that Joy Behar continues to add Goldberg to the group texts despite their co-host’s attempts to steer clear of work talk.

“No, it’s you and Joy,” Sara Haines told Hostin. “You guys go into royal weddings and it goes back [and forth] and I want to be like, ‘Make [a] Whoopi of me,’ like, ‘Get me off this chain.’”

The View crew then elaborated on Goldberg’s communication methods, revealing that she “silences” the texts and hides alerts, even when she remains in the group chats. “I don’t care! I don’t care what you’re upset about,” Goldberg quipped. “It’s the weekend!”

After Navarro, 52, explained that there could be problems with accidentally “texting the wrong group,” Goldberg added that she prefers to “know who I’m texting.”

“If I need to talk to you, I talk to you,” Whoopi added, later sharing that she only communicates “when I have something to say.”

“I don’t just be sending y’all stuff! I’m busy! I’m busy, you know,” she said. “When I talk about those hit and runs, what do you think I’m doing?”

Elsewhere during Monday’s episode, Goldberg chopped it up with newfound relative and NFL player Tony Gonzalez, who she discovered was a “distant cousin” during an episode of Finding Your Roots this month. The pair share DNA on Gonzalez’s mom’s father’s side and finally met for the first time on air.

“Cousin Whoopi! Cousin Whoopi,” Gonzalez called her, while Goldberg added, “That’s my blood right there.”

Navarro also teased: “I think this is probably the only cousin that could pop up that’s not going to wanna be in the will!”

After the NFL Hall of Famer joked about Goldberg’s will, the talk show personality then tried her luck to see if her new cousin could help her score a ticket to the Super Bowl.

“Julia Roberts was here, maybe a couple of weeks ago, and we were talking about the Super Bowl ’cause she wants to go. She says she’s never been,” she said, “And I said, ‘Well, maybe I could help you get in.”

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