Video Shows Black Man Apologize Before Being Fatally Shot by Honolulu Police [Video]

Video taken from a doorbell video camera at a Nuuanu property shows Lindani Myeni apologizing to a couple staying at the home on April 14. Moments later, Honolulu Police Department would respond to a 911 call, and shoot and kill Myeni.

via: Revolt

He quickly exited the residence after he realized his presence startled the people who were staying in the house. Myeni repeatedly apologized.

Police responded to the scene and claim the man violently attacked them, leaving one officer hospitalized with a concussion. They later released body camera footage that showed Myeni ignoring commands to get on the ground.

Authorities fired a stun gun at the man, but it had little to no effect on him. One of the officers fired several gunshots at Myeni before yelling, “Police!” Now-retired Chief Susan Ballard previously denied that race played a factor in the deadly shooting.

On Tuesday, the lawyers representing Myeni’s widow, Lindsay, released the doorbell video they obtained from the home’s owner. The attorneys said Honolulu police “tried to convince the public that this was a burglary and that Lindani Myeni was acting erratically, but the doorbell video we have now obtained from the owner shows that HPD knew all along these stories were untrue.”

“We have also compelled the City to turn over unredacted body cam footage in its original format, producing much better quality audio and images than the version that HPD played for the press on April 16, 2021,” the lawyers said in a statement.

Linsday has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the officers. She believes they were motivated in shooting her South African husband because he was Black.

“Mr. Myeni’s death is tragic,” Mayor Rick Blangiardi said in a statement. “We await both sides making their arguments in court, consequently I have no further comment at this time.”

The footage, along with a recording of the 911 call previously released by police, is posted on YouTube by Justice for Lindani Myeni.

The lawyers said they were still evaluating full, unredacted body camera footage for the period after the shooting.

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