Verzuz Breaks Silence on Viral Toni Braxton and Mary J. Blige Battle Rumors [Photos]

Rumors have been floating about stating that the next big Verzuz pairing will come from R&B legends Mary J. Blige and Toni Braxton, and one fan took their questions to the powers that be.

via: Revolt

Today (June 23), the official Twitter account for the song battle series posted the Kermit GIF along with a message confirming that the flyer and any rumors of a MBJ and Braxton Verzuz showdown are fake news.

“Us having to tell people that the the Mary J. Blige vs Toni Braxton VERZUZ isn’t real,” reads the Versuz tweet. Welp.

If you look across Twitter, you will notice that an MBJ vs. Toni Braxton Verzuz battle was one a ton of fans were clamoring for in the past. When the fake flyer started popping up, many started to think that the battle was a done deal. Unfortunately for them, though, it was just another case of some fairly impressive internet fakery.

While the battle between Mary J. Blige and Braxton wasn’t real, there have been plenty of dope Verzuz battles in the past, and there’s another epic one just around the corner. Two weeks ago, Verzuz announced the official date for the battle between Bow Wow and Soulja Boy, two artists who had some fairly epic commercial highs in the late aughts.

Leading up to their battle, the two have gotten into some playful roasting, and the internet has had a good time laughing at their exchanges. At one point, Soulja even bet one of his cars on the outcome of the impending battle.

“If you win the Verzuz, I’ll give you the pink slip to my Lambo,” Soulja said in a video he uploaded to Instagram earlier this month. “I bet $100,000 that you do not got your Lambo still. I still got my same Lambo. I bought my shit cash. I own it. Stop playing with me Bow Wow. You do not got your Lambo no more!”

While a Soulja Boy and Bow Wow Verzuz might not be the epic R&B showdown MBJ and Toni Braxton fans are looking for, it still has all the makings of a memorable contest for fans across the web.

You can see Verzuz’ tweet breaking their silence on the fradulent Mary J. Blige vs. Toni Braxton battle for yourself below.

We would much rather have a MJB and Toni Verzuz over Soulja and Bow Wow.

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