Van Jones Gets Blasted for Thinking Kamala Harris Walked Out to a Beyoncé Song for Her Victory Speech [Video]

Van Jones said he was a big fan Kamala Harris’ Saturday night victory speech — and he also said it was “amazing” that she was able to walk to a Beyoncé song.

The problem is that she did NOT walk out to a Beyoncé song.

“It was great to hear Kamala. I want to decode some of stuff Kamala did for the base of this party,” Van Jones said on CNN soon after the vice president-elect left the stage. “First of all, she walked out to Beyoncé. Drop mic. The fact that somebody that’s gonna be in the White House can walk out authentically to Beyoncé was amazing. People were going nuts about the walkout song.”

Kamala walked out to “Work That,” a song by Mary J. Blige.

Naturally, social media wasted NO time getting Van together.

He’ll never live this down.

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