Usher Says His New Album No Longer Has a Release Date: 'It's about having fun'


With current singles “Good Kisser” and “She Came to Give It To You” giving fans a taste of what to expect from Usher’s new album, those waiting for the album’s release are in for a disappointment.

Usher has unscheduled his album.

“The album isn’t scheduled anymore. I’ve basically taken it back. I’m taking my time with it,” he tells Billboard. “At the end of the day, all of this is just about having fun. You get in the studio [and] go with how you feel.”

The news is particularly troubling since Usher just announced his27-city The UR Experience Tour.

It’s been two years since Usher’s last album and we know it takes a very special type of artist to be able to fill arenas off the back of two-year-old music. Not saying that Usher can’t do it (he has an amazing catalogue), but he’s definitely making it harder for himself.

Does this mean Usher’s going to try and pull a ‘Beyoncé’ and drop his album randomly?

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