Usher Claps Back Against 'Skinny' Criticism: 'I Ain't No Thick Thigh Big Booty Havin Ass N*gga' [Photo] |

Usher Claps Back Against ‘Skinny’ Criticism: ‘I Ain’t No Thick Thigh Big Booty Havin Ass N*gga’ [Photo]

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Usher certainly got everyone talking this morning when he decided to share a picture of himself naked in the steam room.

After catching flack for his ‘smaller’ frame, Usher took to the comments section of a ‘celebrity eggplant’ Instagram page and clapped back.

He responded:

No, I ain’t no thick thigh big booty havin ass nigga but thanx for lookin!! [two-fingers up sign] and a [eggplant emoji] to you too. Thank u shawty for postin me on ya page…i fux wit ya. I see you got me up here a few time. You like dat, huh?!

Now, at first we thought the screenshot floating around was fake — because, well, who talks like that? But we verified ourselves that the comment did indeed come from Usher’s Instagram account.

Take a look:

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 12.50.41 PM

What is going on?

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