Uh Oh: Samsung Issues a Recall for Exploding Washing Machines [Photos]


You’ve heard about the exploding Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phones, but now the tech giant has another problem on it’s hands — exploding washing machines.

Less than a month after officially ending production on the Galaxy Note 7, Samsung announced that it would be issuing a voluntary recall encompassing 2.8 million machines manufactured between March 2011 and now.

The company cited 733 reports of malfunctioning units — including a claim from a Texas woman who says that her machine, “exploded with such ferocity that it penetrated the interior wall of her garage.”

Excessive vibration from high-speed cycles have reportedly been resulting in the detachment of the top unit from the rest of the washer. Nine injuries have been reported thus far, including a broken jaw.

Samsung will pay for in-home repairs or will offer a rebate for a new machine. Users can check to see if their own units are affected here.

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