Uh Oh: RHOA's Peter Thomas Caught Kissing On Another Woman in the Club + Exclusive Details [Video]

Real Housewives of Atlanta‘s Peter Thomas has a lot of explaining to do…

Peter was caught kissing and feeling up on a woman in the club — a woman that is NOT Cynthia Bailey, you know…his wife.

While we love a bubbling hot cup of tea every now and then, we’re not in the business to try and break up marriages…so when a love muffin sent us an email a few weeks ago saying she saw Peter at Sports One in Charlotte kissing up on some woman, we kept it to ourselves until we got something a little more concrete.

Here’s the text of the email we received:

I went to a gathering at Sports One two weeks ago and was standing directly next to the VIP section where Peter was sitting for almost two hours talking to a mystery woman. I happened to be very knowledge about his relationship with Cynthia Bailey as I am a huge fan of the show. Which is why I thought it very strange that Peter was sitting SO CLOSE TO THE GIRL. I mean I watched as he tried to kiss her and even got a chance to take a picture.

At one part of the night I even overhead a conversation that the a friend of the mystery girl was having with another woman at the table . I heard her the mystery girls friend say that it was the mystery girls birthday and they were supposed to leave earlier in the night but Peter personally asked them to stay later and enjoy VIP with him. He even offered to take them “home” after they enjoyed themselves that night .

The mystery girls friend also explained that she knew peter was married and wondered how Cynthia would feel. The mystery girl looks a lot like a Lauren London type so it’s not surprising he would try to pursue her. I have pictures of the mystery girl and Peter and also a picture of them kissing. Her face was a little blurry because it was very quick but you def can see the intent. I just feel bad for Cynthia because she’s always defending him but it’s def. not okay to be creeping on your wife when your supposed to Be “working.”

Check out the newly surfaced video below.

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