Tyrese Claims DJ Envy Is Lying About Disrespecting Wife, Envy Responds [Video]

Tyrese has refuted DJ Envy‘s claim that he sent “disrespectful” texts to his wife — and has the receipts to prove his innocence.

via: Complex

As previously reported, Tyrese appeared on The Breakfast Club earlier this month, resulting in a nearly 90-minute interview during which Envy offered the swiftly headlined quote, “Some of the things that you said deserved me to box your mouth.” This was in reference to what Envy described as “disrespectful” messages from Tyrese, with specific attention given to alleged texts to his wife, Gia Casey.

“I’ve lost a little sleep since I’ve been home about a man accusing me of disrespecting his wife, as he said,” Tyrese said in a subsequent Instagram update, as seen below. “Charlamagne saying, ‘What did he say?’ I was wondering too. What did I say? So of course, you know , he beautiful thing about the iMessage, the iCloud, [is] it gives you an opportunity to recall text messages. I don’t see nothing in the text messages directly into Envy or directly into his wife where I disrespected him or her.”

From there, Tyrese referenced his prior “psych meds” issues while noting that it’s “not even in my character to disrespect any man, specifically his wife.” He also showed dates of text messages he says were exchanged, including a group chat with Envy and Casey, as well as a one-on-one text thread with the latter.

After pointing out messages from August 2022, Tyrese refuted Envy’s assertion that he had been disrespectful and ultimately blocked.

“That’s a fucking lie, bro,” he said. “That is a lie.”

By Tuesday morning, Envy had responded to Tyrese’s latest remarks, stating he thought he and the Fast X actor had ended things “on a positive note” with their recent interview.

“So to answer Tyrese, yes he was blocked,” Envy said in a Breakfast Club update. “The reason I know he was blocked was because he had Charlamagne and myself on a group text and I never replied because I didn’t see it.”

According to Envy, Tyrese also “did speak to my wife” and at one point wanted all three of them to do a livestream during which he would discuss issues with his ex-wife, Samantha Lee.

Envy, however, says he decided to pass on this because he “didn’t want to be a part” of such a thing. At around the 4:30 mark in the video below, Envy brought Casey into the conversation. Per Casey, she and Tyrese “became friends” at one point before she and Envy decided to back away from the situation due to it becoming “inappropriate and uncomfortable.”

While Casey said she didn’t feel comfortable getting specific about what sort of lines she and Envy believe were crossed, she did claim that they included “flirting and inappropriate comments.”

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