Tyrese Buys His Mother a House to Celebrate Her Sobriety, Despite Saying She 'Killed' His Childhood [Video]

Tyrese Gibson took to Instagram to share with the world that he bought his mother a new house.

The lavish gift comes in celebration of her 11th year being sober, even though he says her addiction ‘killed’ his childhood.

via NYDN:

“If there’s an award in heaven for forgiveness, having compassion towards those who have broke your heart and let you down over and over and over again…… I hope God doesn’t skip over me,” he wrote along with a video showing the outside of the home.

“She was an alcoholic for 27 years substance abuse KILLED my childhood…” Gibson continued. “Today Oct 11th marks 11 years of my mothers sobriety.”

In the videos, the 38-year-old “Fate of the Furious” star said his mom would be pulling up to the surprise in just one hour, but he has yet to share her reaction.

Gibson grew up in South L.A. and his mother raised him and his three older siblings as a single parent.

The R&B performer-turned-actor is the father to 10-year-old Shayla. Gibson has been involved in an ongoing legal battle with his ex-wife Norma (Mitchell) Gibson after she alleged he was abusive towards their daughter.

She is now seeking a permanent restraining order again Gibson, who denies her accusations, noting she made them because she is angry the star has moved on and married someone else.

He is currently under investigation by the Department of Children and Family Services, which is a common practice when someone is accused of such behavior.

With gifts like these, that might explain why he’s fighting so hard for this next ‘Fast and Furious’ check! 

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