Did Tyra Banks Get Barred from Participating in Future Victoria's Secret Fashion Shows?


Tyra Banks has reportedly been barred from appearing in future Victorias Secret TV specials.

Tyra, who famously rocked the VS wings from ’97-’05 wanted to participate in the most recent Victoria’s Secret fashion show special for CBS, but wasn’t allowed.

According to a source, the former supermodel, 40, “was dying to appear on the runways as a surprise in the most recent CBS Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show” last December, “but was rejected by the brand and the network, despite her long affiliation with the company. She’s outraged and is threatening to never to work with Victoria’s Secret again.”

CBS had a specific reason for not letting Tyra walk.

“Tyra’s feelings were hurt because the excuse she was given is that the audience likes to see the newest models, not the ‘veterans,’ on the runway during the VS TV show,” the source added.

We hope this isn’t true. We’d love to see Tyra strut her stuff again.

“Tyra doesn’t want to make a public spectacle out of the snub, because it would make all the parties involved look bad,” the source said. “But she isn’t happy.”

We wouldn’t be happy either. 

[via Radar Online]

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