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Tyler Perry Pauses The View Interview in Tears Over Cohost’s Tribute to His Late Mother: ‘You Really Got Me’ [Video]

Things got very emotional on “The View” on Tuesday morning.

via: EW

Tyler Perry had to pause his interview on The View twice to compose himself after cohost Sara Haines offered a sweet tribute to his late mother, Maxine, that moved the filmmaker to tears during a live broadcast.

The emotional moment happened during a discussion about the new documentary Maxine’s Baby: The Tyler Perry Story, which Haines said made her feel like she met Perry’s mother 14 years after her death in 2009 at age 64.

“I met Maxine through all of it, I did know her,” Haines said, and Perry stopped her before she continued with her question.

“Wow, phew, you met my mother, wow, thank you,” he said through tears, while panelist Sunny Hostin rubbed his back to comfort him. “To say that you met her through that, that takes me somewhere, because that’s a woman who endured so much pain, and she didn’t have some legacy but she had me, and to say I was able to introduce her to you, you got me there, Jesus Chris, Lord have mercy. I appreciate that.”

As the cohosts attempted to move on, Perry again halted the conversation to collect his emotions. “I need to get myself together,” he said. “You really got me.”

Haines urged him not to rush himself through the process. “If you want to stay with that, you can, because I understand,” Haines said, tearing up herself as moderator Whoopi Goldberg passed a package of tissues to her colleague.

“I know, you’re going. I’m telling you, you’re going now, here,” Goldberg said.

Perry added that Haines’ admission touched him so deeply because it served as a cap to his mother’s difficult life.

“I just imagine a woman who’s lived her entire life with so much pain, and she was always worried about everybody else. I watched her get sick, I watched her get cancer, I watched her have all of these things, because her intention was ‘Are you happy? Are you okay?'” he explained. “She never put herself on the list, and she never thought she was important and never thought anybody would care. So, to say that this documentary… introduces her to the world, that moves me, because she was very special to me.”

Directed by Gelila Bekele and Armani Ortiz, the Amazon documentary follows Perry’s life before he became a billionaire mogul starring, acting in, and producing a wealth of Hollywood hits, including his popular Madea comedy series, adapted from his beloved stage productions.

He’s also currently working with Goldberg on Disney+’s Sister Act 3, though the pair didn’t discuss the movie on Tuesday’s episode of the show, likely due to the ongoing SAG strike.

The View airs weekdays at 11 a.m. ET on ABC. Maxine’s Baby: The Tyler Perry Story debuts via Amazon on Nov. 17.

Watch Perry break down on The View in the video below.

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