Trump Threatens to Regulate or Shut Down Social Media Companies After Being Fact-Checked By Twitter

Donald Trump is facing some long-overdue accountability on social media — so naturally he’s threatening to have it all shut down.

In case you missed it, Twitter added a fact check option to Trump’s latest tweets in which he lied about mail-in voting being ‘fraudulent.’

via Complex:

On Wednesday, Trump said “Republicans feel that social media platforms totally silence conservative voices.” As a result, he claimed, “we will strongly regulate or close them down before we can ever allow this to happen.” He also referenced the 2016 election cycle, as well as repeated his intentionally misleading claims about mail-in ballots.

Though Trump is likely hoping his ardent supporters will absorb his assessment of mail-in ballots as fact, even a cursory reading on the voting practice—which has received heavy discussions as of late due to the coronavirus—would should bring the POTUS’ messaging into focus as sheer nonsense.

Several states have long been practicing “all-mail elections,” in which voters are sent ballots in the mail, even prior to COVID-19 containment concerns. And several other states allow for counties to opt into the practice.

Twitter is a private company. They should just delete his account.

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