Trouble in Paradise? Saweetie And Quavo Unfollow Each Other On Instagram [Photos + Video]

Has one of social media’s favorite couples called it quits? That’s what the word on the street is, after Saweetie and Quavo unfollowed each other on Instagram. It looks like Saweetie pulled the trigger first and unfollowed Quavo, but he was still following her. Soon after though, Quavo followed suit and unfollowed her, too.

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Has the ice melted on the Glacier Boy & Icy Girl?

Since 2018, Quavo and Saweetie have grown to be one of our favorite celebrity couples. From Quavo’s infamous DM slide to Saweetie’s Birkin Bag trend, it was evident of their undeniable chemistry. The couple even displayed their romance in GQ last Summer.

Most recently, fans are speculating that the Hip-Hop couple have hit a rough patch. Saweetie recently appeared on Justin LaBoy’s Revolt TV show, Respectfully Justin. During the conversation, she was asked a number of questions by the host and her ex, Justin Combs. One of them happened to be if she’s ever had a one-night stand.

“I’ve always been in a relationship, faithful, Cancer sh*t,” said Saweetie.

Combs quickly stepped in to approve of Cancer signs due to his history with them.

“They just know how to treat you,” said Combs. “They bring the good sides out of you.”

Before he could get into the specifics of his Cancer sign encounter, Saweetie interrupted with a suggestion that the crew should take a shot of liquor, leading many to speculate about their relationship history.

As the interview continued, she was asked if she would give her man a threesome if he is doing everything to make her happy.

Following the interview, Quavo and Saweetie allegedly unfollowed each other on Instagram. This led many to believe that the couple has split up. Neither of them has confirmed nor denied the status of their relationship. The couple’s last public appearance was last month on Valentine’s Day.

Just because a couple unfollowed each other on social media doesn’t automatically means that they’ve called it quits. Especially since they still have photos of their mate still up. Wishing the best for the two.

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