Trouble in Paradise? Bianca Censori Spotted Dining With Parents at Australian Cafe — and Kanye’s Nowhere to Be Seen |

Trouble in Paradise? Bianca Censori Spotted Dining With Parents at Australian Cafe — and Kanye’s Nowhere to Be Seen

Over the weekend, Bianca Censori was reportedly seen in her home country of Australia, noticeably without her husband, Kanye West.

Bianca Censori was spotted back in her home country of Australia over the weekend without husband Kanye West.

Bianca, 29, was spotted having lunch with her parents at Mario’s Café – a trendy spot in Fitzroy, Melbourne – on Saturday afternoon.

The model, who is known for her daring fashion choices, opted for a more understated look during the outing with her parents in Melbourne over the weekend.

She wore a khaki Miu Miu sweater dress and was said to have “blended in with the lunch crowd.”

Bianca also reportedly enjoyed a bowl of spaghetti carbonara while she quietly visited her family in Australia on Saturday.

As previously reported, the sighting of Bianca back home in Australia over the weekend came amid growing concerns from the model’s loved ones regarding Kanye West’s recent activities.

Insiders suggested that Kanye was involving Bianca in his new venture, Yeezy Porn, and that Bianca’s family and friends feared that she may be exploited to promote “sexual indecency” by the controversial musician.

The Grammy winner, who faced recent criticism for seemingly shifting away from his previously prominent Christian values, was also accused of using Bianca as a promotional tool for his adult film-related projects.

Concerned individuals close to Bianca have expressed their worries and condemned Kanye’s actions as “appalling” and “very worrying.”

It was also reported that Bianca’s association with risqué outfits and her marriage to Kanye in December 2022 had further fueled concerns about her potential involvement in Kanye’s controversial ventures.

The backlash that surrounded Kanye’s Yeezy Porn studio was particularly intense and fans who appreciated his earlier Christian-themed music – such as the album Jesus Is King and the rapper’s popular Sunday Services – felt disillusioned by his recent choices.

The absence of Kanye West during Bianca’s visit to Australia – which was coupled with the growing unease among the model’s inner circle – added a new layer of complexity to the couple’s rumored situation.

As Bianca enjoyed time with her family in her home country, the questions surrounding Kanye’s influence on her career and public image persisted and made the latest sighting a topic of increased scrutiny and speculation.

“Bianca’s family was willing to give Kanye the benefit of the doubt after her mum’s recent visit to Los Angeles,” one insider told Daily Mail exclusively over the weekend.

“They were even trying to accept that he was not forcing Bianca to do anything,” the source continued. “They were aware of Kanye and Bianca’s project to create and sell their own brand of clothing.”

“But with two feminist sisters and an equally feminist mother, it is hard to rationalize or accept her involvement in this new venture.”


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