Tristan Thompson Reportedly Gave His NBA Playoff Tickets to Side Chick Lani Blair

Now that Tristan Thompson’s cheating ways have been exposed, it looks like he’s done hiding his affair with Lani Blair.

It’s been a few weeks since Tristan was caught creeping with Lani while girlfriend Khloé Kardashian was preparing to give birth to their first child, and we hear Khloé and the Kardashians family have iced Tristan out.

According to reports, Khloé won’t be supporting Tristan courtside now that the Cleveland Cavaliers have made it to the NBA playoffs and he’s given his tickets to Lani.

via In Touch Weekly:

“Khloé told him she isn’t going to any of his playoff games in Cleveland and gave him back his four box seat tickets,” the insider explained. “So Tristan gave the tickets to his sidepiece Lani!” Um, seriously? Tristan was clearly pretty careless when it came to cheating on Khloé with Lani, and there were even hints on Lani’s Instagram that something was going on, but this is a whole new level of disrespect. And guess what? Tristan doesn’t give an eff.

“He’s crazy, crazy about Lani and isn’t trying to hide her,” the source continued. “Lani’s been asking to come to his games to cheer him on for the longest time but Tristan always wanted to keep her in the background, until now. Khloé has no idea that Tristan did this and it seems like Tristan doesn’t care about her knowing either.”

The Cavaliers are beginning the second round of the NBA playoffs against the Raptors on May 1, an the game will take place in Cleveland, where Khloé is still staying after giving birth less than a month ago. We can’t imagine how miserable she must be, forced to stay away from her family in a city where she doesn’t know anyone, and then to find out her scumbag baby daddy gave her tickets to his sidechick while she’s at home taking care of the baby. It’s just disgusting.

We hope this is just a rumor.

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