Trippie Redd Gives Emotional Apology for Cheating on His Girlfriend

On Tuesday (Aug. 8), Trippie Redd took to Instagram to give singer Skye Morales an emotional public apology for cheating on her.

via: XXL

“Just wanted to publicly apologize to Skye do not be mad at her I cheated she not have had the best attitude with me but she was the most loyal partner I ever had and I lost her,” Trippie Redd wrote. “I just want u guys to be better than me. So if u find someone that makes u feel special think before u do [when] [you’re] mad I will never forgive myself for this s**t ever.”

He continued: “I’m sorry Skye I don’t even want you to forgive me I just want u to know I understand I feel it I’m a f**king idiot I promise u nun of it was worth wat I had wats done in the dark always comes to light and yea I hate myself f**k all the people that have been waiting for this to happen. I hate u not as much as I hate myself tho.”

Trippie Redd and Skye have been together since 2021. However, Trippie’s post implies that their relationship is a wrap due to his infidelities.

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