Tried It! Lindsay Lohan Posts N-Word on Twitter & Instagram, Swiftly Deletes It [Photos]


Girl. Lindsay, girl. Lindsay.

Lindsay Lohan made a grave mistake: she used the N-word.

Now Lindsay didn’t outright say the N-word, but she tweeted and posted it on Instagram.

Lindsay saw Kanye West perform during Paris Fashion Week on Tuesday night, and after he performed his new single All Day, she tweeted the following:

“#kanye&kimAlldaynigga fun show #PFW#goodpeople=goodlife all from good moms!!!!!! @dinalohan @krisjenner.”


Lindsay also post a photo on Instagram of Kanye onstage that included the caption “#kanye&kimAlldaynigga$.”

Lindsay immediately deleted the tweet and edited the Instagram post to remove the N-word, but the damage had already been done. Screenshots!

Here’s the edited Instagram post:


After facing heat online, Lindsay released a statement via her rep.

“She is a friend of his, it is his new song, her intention was not to offend anyone and she apologizes!”

Side eye.

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