Trick Daddy Is 'Tired' Of Black People 'Playing The Race Card' [Video]

Trick Daddy has never been one to shy away from giving his opinion.

via: HipHopDX

During a conversation with REVOLTS’s Big Facts, the “Shut Up” rapper claimed that when it comes to the Black experience in America, “N-ggas is n-ggas worst enemies.”

“I’m tired of n-ggas playing the race card when it comes to everything. N-ggas is other n-ggas only problem,” Trick Daddy said, briefly referencing his upbringing during the ’70s. “Them crackers ain’t thinking about us.”

“Every time we get a few dollars we run to them crackas stores and spend our money,” the 48-year-old said, insinuating when given the opportunity the Black community doesn’t support their own. “Everybody ain’t thinking ’bout us. They don’t get money and come spend money with us.”

“N-ggas is n-ggas worst enemies and they gotta stop playing the race card,” he continued, doubling down on his claim.

Later, Trick took aim at “Uncle Tom protestors” over “protesting civil rights bullshit — attorneys and lawyers and activists — getting up, trying to be on TV telling us the same goddamn story they tell us every time somebody else gets killed.”

“We want justice. What’s justice — three, four million dollars? This lady son dead. That ain’t no muthafuckin’ justice,” demanded Trick.

The “I’m a Thug” rhymer went on to question listeners’ true motives. “Where you n-ggas at when nothing ain’t happening right now? All the streets done calmed down because the police, FBI, and everybody circling in on Hip Hop now.”

“Everybody knows that the street game and the dope game funding Hip Hop — always has — everybody knows that — that’s no secret,” he added. “But we’re trying to do something right with the money so let us do it. Don’t put a whole task force together and come lock boys up from Atlanta, Miami, and Memphis and say all these is crime organizations.” Trick was referencing authorities’ efforts to dismantle the likes of the Young Slime Life (YSL) collective.

“Now, the war part, I understand. Leave the women and children out of it,” he continued, explaining he draws the line when it comes to each other’s loved ones.

As for the root cause, Trick placed the blame on the parents. “It’s our fault. It’s our fault for not letting our kids appreciate things. We buy them Michael Jordans — my mama never bought me a pair of tennis shoes over $30. We buy ’em Jordans.

“The average woman got two or three kids with two or three n-ggas and every holiday the kids split up from their family. There’s no more tradition — going to the elder of the family. Labor Day, Easter, Christmas, you know where you gone be at. There’s no more of that.”

Lastly, Tick offered what he believes to be “the way back,” stating “We gotta stop having babies from hoes that ain’t baby mama material and they gotta stop having babies from n-ggas that ain’t baby daddy material.”

Meanwhile, Samuel L. Jackson recently revealed that he likes to start off his mornings by listening to some Trick Daddy.

The esteemed actor stopped by Sway’s Universe earlier this month to speak about his new Marvel TV series Secret Invasion, where he revealed that when he’s getting ready in the morning he’ll sometimes throw on the Florida rapper’s “loud as hell” thugged-out tunes.

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