Trey Songz Accused of Holding a Woman Hostage in a Hotel Room and Urinating on Her Without Consent + He Responds with Alleged Receipts [Photos +Video]

In an recent interview on No Jumper, a podcast hosted by online personality Adam22, known groupie Celina Powell and her friend Aliza went on record and accused Trey Songz of some rather heinous behavior.

To be clear, the whole interview was about f*cking and s*cking athletes and famous men, but Aliza recounted one instance with Trey where she wasn’t down with what he was trying to do — and he did it anyway.

According to Aliza, one time Trey urinated on her without her consent.

“I got peed on too,” said Aliza. “I didn’t know what happened he just did it. He just did it.” In a bid to coax more information out of her friend, Celina Powell encouraged, “B*thh, please say who!”

“Trey Songz,” Aliza responds, claiming Trey followed her into the bathroom after the pair were intimate and proceeded to pee on her. “Every b*tch that I known f*cked him says the same sh*t”.

Not only that, but she says Trey once had her in his hotel room, took her phone, and wouldn’t let her leave for quite some time.

As the interview began to circulate, Trey took to social media to deny the claims and dropped several rounds of screenshots (and the girl’s phone number) in an attempt to clear his name.

We’re not sure what those screenshots are supposed to tell us, but Celina returned to Twitter to share more of her story.

Celina doesn’t have the best track record when it comes to these men, but if what she and Aliza are saying is true then Trey is out here a whole sexual predator. That’s unfortunate.

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