Tory Lanez Drops A Track About Kehlani, Megan Thee Stallion, + Meek Mill [Video]

Tory Lanez may be free after violating a court order regarding his assault case regarding Megan Thee Stallion but in a recently surfaced single, the Canadian artist is still speaking out about his case, despite a judge’s order for him to remain mum. He’s also name-dropping former collaborators Kehlani and Meek Mill in the process.

via: Hot97

Tory Lanez dropped a new track called “Mucky James.”

In the song story raps,“They try to blackball me for money, but I ain’t goin’ out / I told myself I’ll stop this bullsh*t and not speak up more / I had to go through way more bullsh*t **** door.”

In another part of the song, he raps, “Not one of them n***as that be fakin’ what he feeling, I’m gon’ talk about it / Meek Mill, he used to be my dawg, he did some flaw sh*t to me / And when I brought it up, lil’ cuh wouldn’t even talk about it / Ain’t beefin’ with you cuh, I swear I’m more hurt than anything / I’m at this point in life where I don’t stress the petty thing.”

Tory mentioned Kehlani when he rapped, “Sometimes I think ’bout Kehlani and how we ended things / When I express myself I know that I can choose my words lil’ better.”

This is following Tory’s arrest last week at a Los Angeles courthouse. A judge found that he violated protective orders with Megan Thee Stallion for his alleged shooting case. Tory was ordered to not talk about the case anymore, he did so anyway, was arrested, then later released after posting bond.

Tory Lanez had promised fans would receive new music not long after he was released from police custody on Tuesday (April 5). After posting his $350,000 bail due to violating a court order, he told reporters he felt “amazing” and jumped on Twitter soon after.

“NEW MUSIC … NEW VIDEOS AND BRAND NEW ‘FARGO FRIDAYS’ HEADED TO THE STUDIO NOW,” he wrote, alluding to his “Fargo Fridays” series and more importantly, “Mucky James.”

Check out the video below.

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