Tory Lanes Yelled 'Dance B*tch' at Megan Thee Stallion Before Firing Shots at Her, Detective Testifies in Court

According to testimony from a detective investigating the Tory Lanez/Megan Thee Stallion case — Tory shouted “Dance b*tch, dance!” while firing his gun at the ground near Megan’s feet.

LAPD Det. Ryan Stogner took the stand in court Tuesday during a preliminary hearing in Tory’s case.

Det. Stogner described the incident by saying that Tory was standing on the step board of their SUV while Megan was outside of it — and as soon as Tory fired the shots, she “immediately felt pain to her feet, observed blood, fell to the ground, and then crawled to an adjacent driveway of a residence.”

He also said under oath that Megan told him Tory apologized and begged her not to tell, allegedly offering her money to keep her mouth shut because he was on probation.

Det. Stogner said, Megan initially explained her injury by claiming she’d stepped on broken glass.

Following the detective’s testimony, the judge has set a trial date for January 13. Tory’s facing one count of assault with a semiautomatic firearm in a manner that caused great bodily injury, and one count of carrying a concealed, unregistered weapon.

Tory has publicly maintained his innocence.

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