Tori Spelling Ditches Free Stay at Josh Flagg's Bel-Air Mansion for Cheap Motel and RV: 'It Feels Like it's All a Stunt'

Tori Spelling had use of a Bel-Air mansion before the latest twists in her housing saga.

via: Radar Online

Spelling is being accused of unnecessarily moving her family into a budget motel and an RV despite HGTV star Josh Flagg offering her a free place to stay, has learned.

Insiders alleged that Spelling shocking move was merely a “stunt” to fan flames amid her nasty split from estranged husband Dean McDermott.

Insiders close to the situation told Page Six that Spelling chose to leave Flagg’s Bel-Air mansion for a cheap $100 per-night motel and later an RV.

Sources claimed that after the Million Dollar Listing realtor learned of Spelling’s alleged evacuation from her mold-infested home, Flagg graciously offered his Los Angeles home to the family while he was out of the country.

While Spelling took Flagg up on the offer, she didn’t stay for long.

“She seemed surprisingly in good spirits,” a source said of Spelling’s brief stay. “She was in very happy spirits. [Josh] offered his home to her [temporarily] while he was traveling in Europe.”

Insiders claimed that Spelling moved herself and her five children into Flagg’s home but only stayed at the house “for six days, and then went to the motel before he returned.”

While Flagg’s initial offer was on the basis that he would return home within two weeks, the insider called BS on Spelling post-split stays.

“She had a house manager, housekeeper and chef at her disposal, and then left [Flagg’s home]. No one heard from her,” the close pal continued. “It feels like it’s all a stunt.”

Flagg’s support was not surprising given his connection to Spelling and her mother, Candy.

The HGTV realtor and Spelling are “like brother and sister.” Flagg was even credited with helping Spelling mend her relationship with Candy, who insiders said was “like a second mom to Josh.”

Prior to her current living situation, Flagg joined forces with Candy to encourage Spelling to “look at houses for the last two months.”

Insiders even claimed that Candy offered to pay for a new home.

“No one knows why she went to a [motel], and why she’s in an RV. It makes no sense. He sends her [listings] every day,” the source claimed.

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