Tommy Davidson Hasn't Heard from Jamie Foxx Since Slamming Him in Memoir

Tommy Davidson hasn’t heard from Jamie Foxx since writing negative things about  him in his memoir.

via Page Six:

“I haven’t actually heard from him,” Davidson, 58, tells Page Six, though he declines to categorize his harsh recollection as “shade.”

“I threw some light on this because the book actually was about how my odyssey can help the reader,” he explained.

“So I just pointed out all the situations I was in that I was able to eventually transcend. It was really a road map for the reader … not only understand something but over-stand it.”

In his 2020 memoir, “Living In Color,” Davidson wrote that although he considered Foxx talented, he claimed that the “Ray” star was “competitive” and his sense of humor was to be “mercilessly mean.” He alleged that when Foxx realized he could score points with show creator Keenen Ivory Wayans by making fun of Davidson, he became relentless.

When the pair reunited on the 1997 movie “Booty Call,” tensions immediately resurfaced. Davidson wrote that Foxx “was determined to steal every scene he could.” The two almost came to blows over a basketball game that got too physical.

Davidson says that he’s at peace with Foxx’s alleged behavior and is on good terms with the Wayans, revealing that “I did see one of the Wayans [brothers] the other day, and we love the same. We love the same.”

“I am learning just to not have to have the world changed for me to be happy,” he added.

The “Strictly Business” star is currently feeling very happy with the return of the cartoon series “The Proud Family,” which originally ran from 2001 to 2005. In it, Davidson voices Oscar Proud, the blustery family patriarch who is extremely overprotective of his children.

“Cool things happen sometimes in this business — and this is one of the coolest because this is a really valuable project of mine,” Davidson explained.

He’s also pleased to be part of a show that showcases a black family.

“Any time you have African-Americans in a high profile, where it’s looked at as positive [that’s good],” he noted. “Because for the longest time, we took the low profile. And had the most negative image.

“So it’s good for not only us but it’s good for our country because it brings us closer to being in balance… We have a long way to go, but we’ve come a long way.”

Well, honestly — what did he expect?

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