TLC Sets The Record Straight on Rihanna Feud & 'Nudity' Comments [Video]

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After receiving several days of backlash, TLC sat down with Yahoo Australia and set the facts straight on their beef with Rihanna.

If you recall, a few days ago TLC spoke to another Australian news outlet and reportedly had some negative things to say about Rihanna and nudity.

According to T-Boz and Chilli, the interview we saw was heavily edited and manipulated and they weren’t even talking about Rihanna directly.

Check out a few excerpts from their interview:

“We never mentioned any artists’  names. The unfortunate part is we were giving a positive message to little girls. We were saying that it’s cool if you don’t wanna wear clothes. You can do what you want, we don’t care. We were talking to the little girls who wanna be on television, or be singers — even like reality shows — that you don’t have to feel forced. 

They even took my comment, ‘a spade is a spade’ out of context spliced and cut it up and manipulated it to get a good story. I was talking about Television shows and then you heard me say something like ‘every time we see YOU, you’re naked’ and then they put her picture up.’

Come on man, how can I talk about something I didn’t even see or say about? I’m over here working.  Check my resumé, boo. 

When we’re talking about people not wearing clothes or being naked all the time or whatever, that’s a whole lot of people. It’s not just some artists.”

They even addressed the photo of the girls topless holding their breasts — you know, the one Rihanna made as her Twitter profile header.

T-Boz says:

“The ONE photo in our 22 years of our career and it was for breast cancer awareness. That’s why we did it.”

Actually, T-Boz — that photo might not have been breast cancer awareness. You may have seen the below meme circulating around Twitter…



… but it’s somewhat incorrect.

The photo of TLC holding their breasts was released as part of a spread for VIBE magazine in 1994. They may or may not have mentioned breast cancer in the article…but we doubt it.



See what else TLC had to say below!

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