Tionna Smalls Keeps it Real on Dating with 'Girl, Get Your Mind Right' Premiering May 20th on MTV


Author and former Gawker relationship advice columnist Tionna Smalls is premiering a daily MTV show on May 20th, Girl Get Your Mind Right!

Each episode culminates in a real date, with Smalls observing the action from a hidden location. She even gives advice through an earpiece if needed.

She says her tough-love style of dispensing advice comes from growing up in the rough Brooklyn neighborhood of East New York. “We were raised to be very candid,” she says. I’ve had this personality since first grade.”

Smalls is more than your dime-a-dozen relationship expert: She’s even going back to school to become a therapist. “I want to specialize in women, period,” she says.

“I’m a coach, really,” she explains. “I think I’m one of the best coaches, because I see things from different perspectives and I give my honest opinion. If you’re looking for fluff, ask your mama for advice. But if you want the real? You ask Brooklyn’s own Tionna Smalls.”

Her own romantic life is flourishing, thank you very much. “My dating life is so amazing. I have a main guy I date, but I also date other guys, and it’s beautiful,” she exclaims. “Girl, I am seeing the world. I have a healthy sex life, I have a healthy dating life, and I love it.”

Congrats Tionna! We can’t wait to watch!

via NY Daily News

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