Tiger Woods’ Ex-Girlfriend, Erica Herman, Drops $30 Million Lawsuit Against His Estate

Tiger Woods’ ex-girlfriend, Erica Herman, has dropped the lawsuit filed against the golfer’s estate in which she was seeking $30 million.

via: New York Post

Erica Herman, 39, dismissed the blockbuster case pending the result of her latest appeal of a judge’s order to throw out a separate lawsuit she filed to nullify a 2017 non-disclosure agreement she signed with Woods, 47.

That case remains pending.

She first filed the suit against Wood’s estate in the fall of 2022 as a complaint alleging he violated the Landlord Tenant Act by tricking her into vacating his Jupiter Island mansion when they broke up.

Herman claimed that she and Woods had an “oral tenancy agreement” giving her the right to live at the house and that she had five years remaining on that agreement when they broke up.

A hearing in the case was scheduled for August, but a court document filed on June 29 announced it had been canceled due to Herman’s dismissal of the suit.

“The Plaintiff, ERICA HERMAN, by and through her undersigned counsel, hereby dismisses without prejudice her Complaint, filed on October 26, 2022, pending resolution of the appeal in Herman v. Woods,” the filing read, “and determination of whether her claims are subject to arbitration.”

Days before that notice of dismissal, Herman filed her second appeal of a judge’s decision to throw out her lawsuit seeking to lift the NDA on the grounds that Woods sexually harassed her.

A Florida judge called the sexual misconduct claims “vague and threadbare” and twice ruled that the case should be handled through private arbitration.

Herman signed the NDA in 2017 when she was an employee at Woods’ Jupiter Island restaurant, The Woods, and the two began dating.

She argued that his pursuit of a sexual relationship with her while he was her boss constituted sexual harassment, a circumstance she argued released her from the commitments of the NDA.

Herman began working at The Woods in 2014, and the couple dated for five years beginning in 2017.

After their relationship went south, Herman sued Woods’ estate in October alleging he violated their agreement to live together and used “trickery” to get her out of the home.

In that now-dropped filing, Herman said Woods told her they were going on a vacation, but then locked the doors on her once she had packed a bag and left.

Woods has denied the accusation against him and called Herman a “jilted ex-girlfriend” in court documents.

Lawyers for Herman and Woods could not be reached for comment.

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