Tiger Woods’ Ex-GF Seemingly Accuses Him Of Sexual Assault

It looks like there could be trouble on the horizon for Tiger Woods.

via: HotNewHipHop

This is because his former girlfriend of six years is trying to take him to court. Although there are no confirmed reports of a breakup, it seems like Tiger and Erica Herman are no longer together. Overall, this seems obvious now as Herman wants to have her Non-Disclosure Agreement thrown out. As Herman claims, Tiger made her sign one in 2017 when they started dating.

Moreover, Herman feels like Woods and his legal team is intimidating her into keeping quiet about their relationship. Interestingly enough, in documents filed to the court, Herman claims the NDA should become invalid. This is due to a federal law called the Speak Out Act. Ultimately, this law was made to protect victims of alleged sexual harassment and abuse. Simply put, if there is evidence of sexual abuse within a relationship, then an NDA is immediately thrown out.

So far, there are no specifics on the alleged abuse that Herman may have faced. However, based on these court filings, her insinuations are extremely clear. In order for a judge to throw out the NDA, they will need clear-cut evidence that there was foul play here. Otherwise, Woods’ NDA will stand up in court. Overall, this is a very troubling situation that has many asking questions about Woods. If the NDA is
subsequently thrown out, then exact details of Woods’ alleged abuse would probably immediately follow suit.

For now, this is simply a developing story that we will be keeping a close eye on.

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