Tiffany Haddish's Friends Worry About Her Well-Being After Second DUI Arrest in Just Two Years |

Tiffany Haddish’s Friends Worry About Her Well-Being After Second DUI Arrest in Just Two Years

Tiffany Haddish has been sparking a lot of fear in her friend group, following the second DUI arrest in two years.

via: Radar Online

The incident occurred on November 24, when Haddish was found slumped over the wheel of her car on Beverly Drive in Beverly Hills. She was taken away in handcuffs by the Beverly Hills Police and later released.

Shockingly, Haddish didn’t waste any time getting back on stage, as she performed at the Laugh Factory in Long Beach, California, the very next day, making light of the incident.

“As soon as I heard it, I said ‘god—-, I’m glad she’s okay,’” a close friend of Haddish told The Post.

“But it seems weird to me. You would think that someone would have a driver in that situation,” they continued. “This is tough because there’s nothing anybody’s gonna say to take away that this is her second offense.”

“The way people look at drinking and driving. Hopefully there’s a lesson to be learned. If people want to be critical, I say f– that — you don’t know what a person is going through. You don’t know what’s troubling a person.”

As previously reported, Georgia prosecutors asked a judge to modify the terms of Haddish’s bond.

They asked that the court bar the comedian from drinking or using drugs. The prosecutors also asked that Haddish be subjected to weekly drug and alcohol tests.

The Georgia case centers around Haddish’s January 2022 arrest for DUI.

This isn’t the first time Haddish has faced personal struggles. She has been open about her difficult childhood, which included her father abandoning the family and her mother’s mental health issues. As a result, Haddish faced bullying in school and even resorted to cutting off a mole on her forehead, which led to further ridicule.

Despite her troubled past, Haddish managed to rise above her hardships and become a successful comedian and actress.

She gained widespread recognition for her breakout role in the 2017 film Girls Trip, where she nearly stole the show from her co-stars Queen Latifah, Jada Pinkett Smith, and Regina Hall. However, it seems that Haddish’s recent arrest has put her Hollywood friends in a difficult position.

Entertainment journalist and TV producer Brian Balthazar believes that Haddish still has a chance for redemption if she handles the situation wisely.

He points out that a DUI charge does not necessarily mean the end of a career, as there are several celebrities who have faced similar issues in the past and managed to recover.

Balthazar emphasizes the importance of Haddish addressing the situation promptly and properly to regain control of her career.

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