Tiffany Haddish Accused of ‘Bullying’ Ex-Friend into Signing Confidential Agreement as Million-Dollar Lawsuit Heats Up |

Tiffany Haddish Accused of ‘Bullying’ Ex-Friend into Signing Confidential Agreement as Million-Dollar Lawsuit Heats Up

Tiffany Haddish’s former friend, who is suing her for millions related to alleged child grooming, is demanding her case remain public and not confidential.

via Radar Online:

According to court documents obtained by, Trizah Morris asked a Los Angeles Superior Court judge to deny a motion brought by Haddish seeking to have the case heard in arbitration.

Arbitration is a private proceeding where a decision is made by one person instead of a jury.

As we first reported, earlier this year, Morris sued Haddish and comedian Aries Spears.

Morris’s adult children are the two people who sued Haddish and Spears last year. In their lawsuit, they claimed the Girls Trip star was a close family friend when they were young.

Morris’ children claimed Haddish groomed them. They said she had them appear in sexually inappropriate skits when they were minors.

One of the skits featured Spears acting as a child predator while babysitting the young boy. Haddish and Spears denied all allegations of wrongdoing.

A lawyer for Haddish called the lawsuit a shakedown and portrayed Morris as an extortionist.

Haddish’s attorney said, “Plaintiff’s mother, Trizah Morris, has been trying to assert these bogus claims against Ms. Haddish for several years.”

He added, “Every attorney who has initially taken on her case — and there were several — ultimately dropped the matter once it became clear that the claims were meritless and Ms. Haddish would not be shaken down. Now, Ms. Morris has her adult daughter representing herself in this lawsuit. The two of them will together face the consequences of pursuing this frivolous action.”

Morris’ children ended up dismissing their lawsuit.

After dismissing their suit, Morris’ daughter released a statement reading, “My family and I have known Tiffany Haddish for many years – and we now know that she would never harm me or my brother or help anyone else do anything that could harm us. We wish Tiffany the best and are glad that we can all put this behind us.”

Recently, Haddish demanded the case be moved to arbitration. She claimed Morris had signed an agreement with her that said all disputes would be heard in the private court.

Now, Morris has fired back claiming the agreement was signed under “extreme duress, threats, bullying, intimidation and coercion” from Haddish and her attorney.

She claimed she and her daughter signed a deal with Haddish as part of the initial lawsuit. Morris claimed the deal was signed after her family was harassed and intimidated by the threat the names of her children would be released.

Morris said she signed the agreement, but Haddish failed to hold up her end of the bargain. She accused Haddish of failing to make payments of $100k per breach of the agreement.

We thought this was over — clearly we were wrong.

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