For the Thrill? Florida Man Who Purchased $8 Million Private Island Arrested for Stealing a Keurig Machine from Kmart

A 59-year-old man who just recently bought a private island for $8 million was arrested for stealing about $300 worth of items — including a Keurig coffee machine — from a Kmart in Florida.

via NYDN:

Andrew Lippi purchased a Keurig coffee machine and other items at the store in Key West and later gained refunds by returning the containers but not the products, according to the police report obtained by the Daily News.

Lippi’s small-crime spree is believed to have started on March 30 when he purchased the Keurig for about $160. He returned to the store the following day and gained a full refund, but employees later found that he had replaced the coffee machine with a basketball.

He would return to the store on April 4 and buy a coffee maker and eight light bulbs for a total of just over $100. He would return all the items the same day, according to authorities. Employees found that the coffee maker was replaced with a “much older” coffee maker, according to authorities, and that the light bulbs had been replaced with a different brand.

Lippi would also buy a bed skirt and later get a refund by replacing it with a pillow case, according to the complaint.

Security footage shows Lippi buying and returning all the items. When asked by cops about the Keurig incident, he said the clerk “should have realized there was no coffee machine by the weight of the box.” He also claimed he did not know how the light bulbs were switched.

Lippi, who owns multiple properties, had purchased Thompson Island for $8 million last month, according to Local 10. Thompson Island is located off the coast of Key West.

He also owns a stunning 12-bedroom home that was once featured on the MTV show “The Real World,” according to the station.

Maybe he just needed a little ‘excitement’ in his life.

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