Thousands Sign Petition to Cancel Travis Scott's Coachella Performance

Over 5,500 people have signed a petition to prevent Travis Scott from performing at next year’s Coachella following Friday’s Astroworld disaster that left eight people dead.

via NYP:

Scott, 30, is under fire after eight people were killed at the Astroworld event in Houston amid a stampede. Fans screamed for help shortly after Scott stepped onstage, but the rapper continued performing for more than 30 minutes, completing his set.

Scott has insisted he had no idea what was occurring in the crowd, but music lover Sendero Secretos has started a petition to block the star from appearing at Coachella in April.

In the petition’s outline, Secretos claims the “tragic and unnecessary deaths” at Astroworld occurred “due to Scott’s own gross negligence and sheer lack of compassion for human life.”

The petition is addressed to Coachella’s official organizers, AEG, Paul Tollet and Goldenvoice, who have not publicly responded.

One person who added their name left a comment, stating: “I’m signing because crowd asphyxia is a slow painful excruciating death. I just keep thinking about the 14-year-old youngest victim and it breaks my heart. All the victims deserve to be honored. God bless you all.”

The eight victims of the tragedy have been identified as Danish Baig, 27; Madison Dubiski, 23; Rudy Peña, 23; Jake Jurinek, 20; Franco Patino, 21; Axel Acosta, 21; Brianna Rodriguez, 16; and John Hilgert, 14.

Scott has been accused of inciting chaos at his concerts in the past.

The star was charged over music festivals in Arkansas in 2017 and in Chicago in 2015 for whipping up hysteria and encouraging moshing that left a security guard and concertgoers injured.

In 2017, one of Scott’s Manhattan concerts became so chaotic, one of his fans fell off a balcony and was left paralyzed, a lawsuit alleged.

Meanwhile, the rapper has likened his live performances to professional wrestling, telling GQ in 2015 that he does not like it when his crowd just stands around.

“I always want to make it feel like it’s the WWF or some s – – t,” Scott stated. “You know, raging and having fun and expressing good feelings is something I plan on doing and spreading across the globe.”

In recent days, video from a Swiss concert in 2015 has resurfaced showing Scott inciting a crowd to attack a man who allegedly tried to steal his shoe.

“Come here, b – – ch,” he shouts through his microphone, with the music stopping as he accuses the fan of trying to “take my shoe.”

“Get that motherf – – er, get him!” he shouts, telling other fans, “F – – k him up! F – – k him up! F – – k him up!”

If Travis Scott knew better, he would pull out.

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