This 13-Year-Old Girl Got Kicked Out of Class for Having Her Hair in Braids


13-year-old Amanda Sutcliffe went on vacation with her family in Turkey. While on vacation, she got her hair braided in cornrows — or ‘French plaits’ as they’re calling them in Britain. Upon returning to class after vacation, Amanda was put in “isolation” because teachers decided her “extreme” hairstyle violated the school dress code.

According to school policy,

“Extreme hairstyles or hair coloring. Haircuts shorter than number 2 are NOT allowed.” 

Amanda’s mother is fuming and is calling out the school for “unnecessary punishment.”

“It’s completely over the top and I think it’s a ridiculous response to her just having her hair in plaits. Apparently it’s extreme because she has more than one plait, which is ludicrous. You would think she had gone to school with a multi-coloured mohican, when in fact it meant her hair was tidy and tied back. Some of the teachers even told her it looked nice before another decided it was against the rules. What sort of message is that sending pupils?”


Do you think the school overreacted? We do.

[via The Mirror]

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