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‘Think Like A Man’ Producer Will Packer Sued by Former Business Partner for ‘Gross Mismanagement’ and ‘Abuse of Control’


Will Packer, famed producer of hit film Think Like a Man and the latest Think Like a Man Too is being sued for “gross mismanagement” and “abuse of control” by his former business partner, Bronner Brothers, Inc president and CEO, Bernard Bronner. Bronner is also the publisher of UPSCALE magazine.

More specifically, Bronner is suing Will Packer and Rob E. Hardy II, of the now dissolved Rainforest Productions — claiming the two are responsible for “breaches of fiduciary duty, gross mismanagement, misappropriation of corporate assets, waste of corporate assets and abuse control.”


William E. Packer, Jr. and Robert E. Hardy, II
William E. Packer, Jr. and Robert E. Hardy, II

He filed a lawsuit with the Superior Court of Fulton County Georgia alleging that he invested $500,000 to start Rainforest Productions with Will and Rob and that he raised more than $250,000 for the company.

Since then, the company has produced many successful films, including Stomp the Yard, Takers, Think Like a Man, and Think Like a Man Too — but Bernard says they’ve been holding out on the profits. He says he’s received only a fraction of the initial amount invested in Rainforest…Despite this fact, Packer and  Hardy have extracted millions of dollars from RAINFOREST and their respective ownerships are nearly equivalent to Bronner’s.”


In addition to not getting the money he says he’s due, Bernard also says in the suit that he was systematically shut out of Rainforest by Will and Rob while they took over complete control of the company.

Will and Rob have released a joint statement calling Bernard’s claims “personal, misguided and petty.”

“Bernard was a valuable supporter at a key time for Rainforest, and we remain grateful for his assistance. We also understand his disappointment about the shareholders majority vote decision to dissolve Rainforest. We wish only the best for Bernard and all the other Rainforest shareholders. When the emotionalism subsides, we hope Bernard will feel the same and realize that his frivolous course of action is personal, misguided and petty.”

Click here to read the official press release detailing the lawsuit. This could get messy, y’all.

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