The NFL Bans Kanye West's Yeezy Cleats


Domestic violence, sexual assault, an animal abuse claims are all things the NFL is willing to overlook — but not Kanye West’s Yeezy cleats.

The fashion-forward shoes have been officially banned by the NFL.

via NY Mag:

According to W, DeAndre Hopkins of the Houston Texans was fined $6,000 for wearing his fancy (and free) Yeezy 350 cleats on the field; when asked if he’d wear them again on the field, he replied, “Only if Kanye wants to pay the fine.” Adrian Peterson and Von Miller played it safe by tweeting pictures of their own free Yeezys; Peterson received a pair of 350s, whereas Von Miller was gifted the 750 high tops. The cleats have since been banned by the NFL.

Heaven forbid players want to wear their own questionably fashionable shoes on the field.

Unfortunately, the NFL has a rule that cleats must have a “solid base color.” The cleats are designed in the same marled knit as Yeezy sneakers.


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