The Game Pays The Price For Jay-Z Diss

Is there a Jay-Z & The Game collaboration in the works? Forget it. The Game elaborates on why that’ll probably never happen.

When he was asked if he would ever record a record with Jay-Z, the Compton-bred MC seemed to relish the idea and express regrets about the missed opportunity.

“I think I f***ed that up early in my career,” Game told Vibe. “I’m probably one of the only cats that went at Jay-Z’s neck and had a career after.”

While Game has survived many high profile beefs, including the spat with former label imprint head 50 Cent, he revealed that the Jay tiff caused him problem at home.

“I remember having a real altercation with the mother of my children,” he said. “She was like, ‘You don’t know what you’re doing. He’s going to come back and we’re not going to be able to survive.’ Jay and Beyonce are a powerful couple, they will turn your whole family against you.”

Game sited his “It’s Okay (One Blood)” from his Doctor’s Advocate (2006) se when he rapped: ”You 38 and you still rappin’ uh” While Game may never do a song, he’s content that he grabbed Jay’s attention with his jab and thereby earned his respect.

“If we don’t ever do a song, f*** it, but if we did, it would probably be some crazy s*** because I would really go into my trick bag for that one.”

Jesus Piece, which hits stores December 11, marks Game’s fifth studio album.

via CBS

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