That's Just Nasty! Kid Interrupts Mississippi Weatherman's Forecast to Fart on Him [Video]

Meteorologist Patrick Ellis of Mississippi’s WLBT got an extra gust of wind that wasn’t in his forecast.

A child decided to interrupted his broadcast to yell and fart on him.

via NYDN:

When the child appeared on the screen, Ellis wasn’t really sure what was coming his way. The young boy screamed in excitement at the weatherman as he tried to press on.

“We’ve got a little bit of, uh, interesting things going on right now,” Ellis said while still trying to do his job.

The boy then bent over and broke wind on Ellis’ kneecaps.

Ellis rolled right with it and even offered to allow the child to point out the weather, which of course didn’t go as he planned.

“Yeah, there are farts everywhere and toots, it’s crazy,” the boy said.

The child was then swept away off camera before he could finish his five-day forecast.

Where were this kid’s parents? Why was he in the weather station? We have SO many questions.

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