[Updated] Bad Week for Meek: Nicki Minaj Reportedly Dumps Meek Mill


Nicki Minaj has reportedly dumped Meek Mill. Meek says they’re still together. See below…

Now, we can’t say we weren’t expecting this to happen…but given the source and the timing of this news, take it all with a grain of salt.

Nicki reportedly broke it off with Meek LAST NIGHT. Don’t worry concertgoers . . . they are still of GOOD TERMS – at least NICKI IS with Meek. The two plan on FULFILLING the rest of the tour obligations together.

But as for their relationship . .. . it’s a WRAP.

What caused the BREAKUP . . . and why did it happen LAST NIGHT . . . shortly after Meek Mill’s new diss track FLOPPED?? According to one of Nicki’s BEST FRIENDS, “It’s complicated. I think they took their relationship too far, too fast.” Nicki’s homie REFUSED to say whether the Drake WAR had anything to do with it.

Nicki’s worked EXTREMELY hard to be respected in the rap game¬†— and with Meek being the laughing stock of the industry right now, we wouldn’t even be surprised if she decided to distance herself for credibility’s sake.

Update: Meek told the audience tonight that he and Nicki are still together.


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