That Explains It: Tyga's Grandmother Dissed 'Not Very Nice' Blac Chyna, Which Prompted Blac Chyna's Mom to Go Off [Photo]


This morning Blac Chyna’s mother popped ALL the way off on Tyga, Kylie Jenner and the Kardashian family — and while it looked like a random act of e-violence, it wasn’t.

A few days ago, Tyga’s grandmother Kim Nguyen spoke to Daily Mail Online from her home in Los Angeles.

The 70-year-old offered her thoughts on Tyga and Kylie’s relationship, as well as Tyga’s relationship with Blac Chyna, the mother of her grandson.

She says: ‘We all love Kylie and think she is so much better for Tyga than Blac. Yes she is King’s mom, but Blac just wasn’t a very nice person and Kylie comes from a much better family.’

She didn’t stop there. She had nothing but praise for Kylie and nothing but negative sentiments for Blac Chyna.

‘She is such a sweet, lovely girl and seems to adore Tyga, so we didn’t mind him splitting up from Blac. It was a relief for us all. Tyga adores Kylie and has introduced us to her lots of times. She loves Vietnamese food, so we love to cook it for her whenever Tyga invites us to his home.

I’m not sure when King sees his mum, but Tyga is a great dad and has never seemed happier, now he is with Kylie.’

Well — everyone’s entitled to their opinion. It seems to us that Kim just wants what’s best for her son and what makes him happy. Clearly, that’s not Blac Chyna.

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