Teyana Taylor Claps Back at Azealia Banks' Accusation That She Stole Choreography for 'Fade' + The Alleged Choreographer Weighs In: 'I Felt Stolen From' [Video]

Teyana Taylor is not here for Azealia Banks’ mess.

After Azealia accused Teyana of stealing the choreography from Kanye West’s ‘Fade’ video yesterday, Teyana took to Instagram to clap back.

It wasn’t long before the choreographer, Matthew Pasterisa, shared a clip of the alleged stolen choreography explaining that he never knew about the “Fade” video until it dropped and that he never got paid.

He also admitted Azelia’s version of events was exaggerated and that no one went to court.

Teyana, once again, clapped back at the choreographer explaining the FULL story.

According to Teyana, no one got paid for the video and Matt was okay with everything the last time they spoke about it.

If you ask us, it looks like Azealia tried to create a mess by stirring up and old situation between Matt and Teyana that had been resolved. What do you think?

Azealia later responded to a fan asking why she had no further comment on the matter.

Her response:

Okay, girl.

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