Tessica Brown’s Doctor Discovered Lumps in Her Breasts During 'Mommy Makeover' Surgery Consultation

Tessica Brown has moved on from the Gorilla Glue fiasco that changed her life and was looking forward to some elective procedures — however, during surgery prep she found out she needs to attend to some more serious matters.

According to her manager, Tessica discovered lumps in her breasts during a pre-surgery consultation for a ‘mommy makeover’ — which includes a breast lift, implants, and lipo.

Dr. Michael Obeng, the doctor who also removed the Gorilla Glue from her scalp, examined her and found the lumps.

She had a mammogram to confirm the masses and has already undergone surgery to have them removed. They’re being tested for cancer.

Think of it this way — had she not glued her scalp, she would’ve never met Dr. Obeng (nor been in the position to get a mommy makeover in the first place), and the lumps may not have been found.


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