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Terrible: Woman Gets Set on Fire By Her Boyfriend’s Wife…While He Stands Watching


22-year-old Tationa Sims says she was set on fire by the wife of a man she was dating.

According to Tationa, her ‘boyfriend’ arrived at her apartment just after midnight on Monday — and brought his wife.

“She wanted to know if he was still cheating or not,” Tationa said. “Because I was messing with her husband. I guess it was set up to do something to me.”

via IndyChannel:

After exchanging only a few words, Sims says the woman threw a cup full of gasoline at her and then ignited her coat with a lighter.

Sims says the man – who, she claims, told her he and his wife were no longer together – made no effort to stop his wife.

“He stood there the whole time and watched it happen,” she said.

Because no charges have yet been filed in the case, RTV6 is not releasing the alleged suspects’ names.

Sims said once she realized she was on fire, she began to frantically put out the flames.

“I was shocked. I was shaking, trying to put the fire out,” she said. “Then she grabbed me by my hair and then swung me down on the ground. Basically, she tried to kill me and he didn’t do nothing about it.”

Following the attack, Sims was taken to the hospital with second-degree burns to her stomach.

As of Monday afternoon, she had been released and was recovering at home.

Sims says she hopes this is the end of the issue.

“I know that I made a big mistake and that I’m paying for it now,” she said. “I just don’t want any more issues. No issues. Just let it be handled. But, it could have been handled differently. It could have. It didn’t have to turn out like this.”

Police did not immediately respond to questions about whether they intended to pursue charges in the case.

Police should ABSOLUTELY pursue charges.

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