Terrible! Video Shows New Jersey Police Officer Repeatedly Punching Teenager While Held Down During Arrest [Video]

A New Jersey police officer has been captured on video repeatedly punching a teen in the face while other officers held him to the ground during his arrest.

via NYDN:

Cyprian Luke, 19, can be seen bleeding at the mouth and taking at least three punches to the face from the Dover police officer in the video, which was posted on Facebook by his friend who uses the name Savv FrmFoe. Police can be heard screaming, “stop resisting” as they pin him down.

Witnesses said he was also tackled to the ground, pepper-sprayed and choked.

Luke was being sought by cops on a domestic violence charge, according to NJ.com.

Yet family members said when authorities approached him around 2 a.m., they did not mention a warrant.

“They didn’t tell him they had a warrant for his arrest. They just tackled him to the ground. They pepper sprayed him. He wasn’t resisting at all. He was trying to cover his face, because they kept punching him,” Luke’s younger brother, Christopher Luke, told WABC.

The arrest is currently under investigation by the Morris County Prosecutor’s Office with the supervision of the New Jersey Office of the Attorney General.

The prosecutor’s office said in a statement no further information could be released at this time.

Luke, who was charged with assault and criminal mischief, has a court appearance scheduled for Monday afternoon.

He told WABC he remembers “multiple blows” and “multiple macings.” He added that they had to drag him to the ambulance because he couldn’t walk.

Calls to the Dover Police Department were not immediately returned.

The video is graphic, but you can watch it for yourself below.

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