Terrence J is Leaving E! News to Pursue Acting and Producing Full Time


After three years as co-host of E! News, Terrence Jenkins has announced his plans to leave the show in order to pursue acting and producing.

via E!:

Jenkins made the announcement on Tuesday’s show, saying he plans to pursue acting and producing full-time. “I think in order for someone to grow, it’s important that you try new things and you create new challenges, create new dreams for yourself,” he said.

This summer, Jenkins produced and starred in his first feature film, The Perfect Match, and said that he’s had “a lot of opportunities come in in the acting space.” Before The Perfect Match, which is due in early 2016, he also appeared in Think Like a Man, Think Like a Man Too, and Baggage Claim.

“I love you guys to the bottom of my heart. I love this crew. I love working with you guys,” he said. “But it’s important I grow, and I wanted to leave on my own terms and when I was ready.”

Are you sad to see Terrence go? Who do you think would make a good replacement?

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