Tell Us How You Feel! Trina Pops ALL the Way Off on Jealous Women [Video] |

Tell Us How You Feel! Trina Pops ALL the Way Off on Jealous Women [Video]

It looks like we now have a taste of what to expect from Trina’s rumored stint on the upcoming ‘Love and Hip Hop: Miami’ series.

Last night, Trina got into it with a rapper by the name of KimBRocsMics on Twitter. We’re not exactly sure what prompted KimB to take shots (according to Trina, she’s trying to get on LHHMiami) , but she did — and Trina responded in kind in a now-deleted back-and-forth.

…but it didn’t stop there. Trina then took to Instagram Live to air out ‘bum ass hoes’ and other jealous women in a fiery rant.

“I see you bum ass bitches around, i don’t speak on you bitches,” Trina says. “I don’t give a fuck about you hoes. I’m too busy getting money. Fuck you talkin’ about? Too busy planning for Trina Day next year. Since I don’t give back–give back that, hoe! Did you ever give at a toy drive? I ain’t ever see you at a muthafuckin’ hospital giving toys to the kids, bitch!”

Whew. And that’s just part of what she said! Trina never addressed anyone by name, so we can only assume who she’s talking about.

There’s also a video floating around of Khia talking about how Trina should have embraced being a stripper like Cardi B has done. — so maybe some of that anger is directed at Khia.

You can watch both Trina’s pop-off and Khia’s criticism below.

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