Teddy Riley Supports Donald Trump After Former Pres. Pardoned Brother Doing Double Life [Photo]

Teddy Riley has responded to a whirlwind of online criticism after showing support for disgraced former President Donald Trump.

via: Vibe

On Thursday (June 8), Trump took to Instagram to proclaim his innocence after being indicted on conspiracy charges and violating the espionage act. “I AM AN INNOCENT MAN. THE BIDEN ADMINISTRATION IS TOTALLY CORRUPT,” the controversial figure typed. “THIS IS ELECTION INTERFERENCE & A CONTINUATION OF THE GREATEST WITCH HUNT OF ALL TIME. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!!!”

The new jack swing pioneer hopped in the post’s comments and offered his support for Trump with a gaggle of muscle emojis. Bishop Talbert Swan can be seen commenting on Riley’s supposed pro-Trump stance, questioning his actions. “Seriously, Teddy,” he responded back to the producer. “You really on here agreeing with this dude?”

The Harlemite recently spoke with the Shaderoom about being a Trump supporter. Riley explained that Donald helped pardon his older brother, and for that, he earned his support.

“The musician says that he stands with Trump because he released his older brother Lou Hobbs, who was doing double life in prison,” the outlet typed on IG. “Teddy [says] that Trump taught him ‘how to be a free man of this country.’ Teddy believes that Trump ‘can do something amazing for us, because he did it for Africa while he was in office.’ He explains that everyone has their own beliefs, and this is solely what he believes.”

And Riley isn’t alone in defending Donald Trump. During the politician’s first indictment, Kodak Black voiced his love for Trump, calling him a “real ni**a.”

In 2023, Kodak hopped on Instagram Live and criticized the move to arrest him on criminal charges. “I feel like these people on some other sh*t,” the Florida native said. “So they know like, they gon’ try to get Trump out the way ’cause Trump a stand-up ni**a, he a real ni**a. He’ll let a bi**h do anything … Trump a real ni**a, man, a soldier.”

On Friday (June 9), former president Trump was indicted for mishandling classified information at his Florida estate. The New Yorker reports that Trump “retained nuclear secrets and classified war plans for how to respond to a foreign attack, top-secret information about the military capabilities of other countries,” amongst other accusations.

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