Tank Believes COVID-19 Vaccine Should Be 'Personal Choice' [Video]

When it comes to the COVID-19 vaccine, a lot of celebrities have been giving their opinion. Singer Tank decided to get in on the action by encouraging his followers to make their own choice.

via: AceShowbiz

In a since-deleted Instagram video shared on Wednesday, August 18, the 45-year-old said, “The vaccine does not help me to you. Me getting the vaccine only helps me to me, right?” He added, “If I get the vaccine it’s supposed to lessen my symptoms or keep me from the point of death.”

“Me getting the vaccine does not stop me from spreading the virus or even from contracting the virus for that matter,” the R&B star continued. “The vaccine is personal, which is why it should be a personal choice. If I decide to bet on my own immune system, that’s my choice. If I decide to bet to the vaccine, that’s my choice, that’s your choice.”

“But saying that we all need to get the vaccine to help each other, what are you talking about?” he questioned. “You’re getting the vaccine only helps you, me getting the vaccine only helps me. People have died still, fully vaccinated… Your choice, don’t let people take away your choice. I’m not gonna say what I decided to do but make your own choice, whatever is best to you.”

In the caption, Tank emphasized, “Don’t let anyone take away your right to choose!” He further noted, “The land of the free is going to need a name change soon. Wear your mask. Even though viruses can pass through a mask if it makes you feel safer by all mean do what you must. Make your choice and don’t let anyone judge you for it.. Blessings on our survival.”

Tank’s post was met with approval from many Instagram users. One in particular wrote, “Exactly don’t be forced.” Another replied, “Finally one with common sense.” A third chimed in, “He’s absolutely right.”

Some others, meanwhile, were not in line with Tank’s opinion. An individual explained, “It’s definitely your choice, but getting the vaccine helps the virus to stop mutating into new viruses…. some people bodies are mutating and changing it to a stronger viruses, that’s why it’s a push to get people vaccinated.” Someone else urged, “Dont let these celebs with access to amazing healthcare talk you into not getting vaccinated.”

Love muffins get in your advice from an actual licensed physician.

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