T.I. Has a Warning for Black People Meeting With Donald Trump: 'It May Seem Positive, But There's a Hidden Agenda' [Video]

T.I. is not holding back his thoughts regarding the number of black public figures who have met with President-elect Donald Trump and appear to be normalizing his behavior.

In a series of videos shared on Instagram, the rapper urged his peers and more to consider the hidden agenda and optics of meeting with Trump.

“You being there, you being seen with them, taking pictures and smiling and being positive, it may seem positive to you, but there is a hidden agenda. You might not know it, but now you have been warned. Do not go in there unless you have a strategy or you’re with John Lewis or somebody who can represent us,” T.I. stated in one of the videos.

T.I. also believes that Trump and his team are seeking to create divisiveness in the black community by staging photo opportunities with the likes of Kanye West and more.

Watch T.I. sound off below.

Ok so this how it all breaks down guys…. Be aware Be alert or Be bamboozled. #USorELSE pt.2

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