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T.I., Trae Tha Truth Check TikTok Prankster Attempting Racist Joke [Video]

T.I. and Trae Tha Truth aren’t to be played with, as one racist prankster discovered when trying to punk the Southern rap veterans.

via: Vibe

The Jasmine Brand shared a video of internet personality White Dolemite approaching the rappers and calling them “boy.” “Hey, what are you guys doing here, boy?” Dolemite asked while wearing a redneck costume.

TIP and Trae were immediately taken aback by the man, né Christopher Tobius Riley, and almost sent him to the hospital. “Boy?! I ain’t nobody’s boy,” Trae replied, as T.I. compared him to “Bob The Builder.”

The rapper’s friend then lunged at Riley and grabbed him by the neck. He began threatening his life, with Trae seemingly moving in on him to inflict more harm. The Trap Muzik artist could be heard telling Trae to “think about” his actions before they do something they can’t come back from. But then Riley yells to the men that “its a prank, bro,” with the friend releasing his neck.

Trae can be seen warning the TikToker about chasing virality. He insists that if he continues to do these “pranks,” he will end up hurt. “If this how you trying to go viral, bro, that sh*t’ll get yo a** hurt out here, man,” the Houston native said. “And I ain’t nobody’s boy. Go about your business, man. This ain’t the way to go about it, bro.”

“God bless you bro,” T.I. added. “Peace be unto you, and get you a better hat.”

White Dolemite was the same man who conducted a racist prank on Boosie in 2022. The prankster approached Boosie and three other men while shopping in Walmart. Dolemite called the men “boy” and demanded that they hand food from a shelf. “Can you hand the mac ‘n cheese to me, boy?” he said, “Boy, I said hand it to me, now.”

“We’ll beat your a**,” one man said. “Who you talking to like that?” another shot back at White Dolemite. “Boosie!” White Dolemite confirmed. “I’m the real Badazz. Now, hand it to me now, boy.” Still in disbelief, Boosie responded with, “You tripping.”

Badazz’s nephew stepped in, telling White Dolemite, “I’ll beat your muthafu**in a** in this bi**h. What? Don’t talk to him like that.” His nephew then lunged at Dolemite and hit him in the head.


"Prankster" White Dolemite regrets messing with the rapper Boosie,

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