T.I. and Tiny Approve of Son King Harris' Big Ol' Teeth Despite Fan Backlash [Video]

King Harris’ new big white teeth have been all over social media since they made their debut, but his parents T.I. and Tiny think they’re great.

via Complex:

On Friday, Tiny took to her Instagram with a post of King showing off his new teeth to his parents. In the video, King and Dr. Mario Montoya, who performed the procedure, are seen walking into a home where Tip and Tiny are staying, letting viewers know they haven’t seen his teeth yet. King already knew his father would have some commentary as he “always like saying something,” but T.I. was happy for him.

“You know, you know he got the glow,” T.I. said with a bit of melody as King smiled and showed his new pearly whites. “That thing glow in the dark.”  

Tiny, on the other hand, left some postive words in the comment section thanking Dr. Montoya, writing, “Would like to thank @drmariomontoya for giving @the_next_king10 a #BillionDollarSmile . Had to post slide 2 for the #BigTeethPatrol to show his smile been asf before; they’re just white now.Either way, he loves them and that’s all that matters!”

She continued, “Regardless to what he does, everyone always seem to have their personal perspective of him, which is fine. -But y’all don’t really know him frfr, truth is real  fwh and the ladies love ’em!”

Tip and Tiny’s positive reactions to King’s new teeth arrived after fans had dragged the 18-year-old for the procedure. King displayed his new veneer set earlier this week before his 19th birthday later this month. 

However, he didn’t get the reaction he expected as many felt his new teeth didn’t fit his face and proceeded to make fun of him for it, calling him a cartoon character and more. 

“He remind me of a cartoon character I’m just not sure which one,” one person wrote in the comment section of 2cool2bl0g. Another person wrote, “You’re so young, why would your ruin your real teeth so early.”

King Harris caught wind of the disrespect from the “big teeth trolls” on Thursday and returned the favor with a diss about stealing women from his haters. 

“Ay I gotta to make this video for the big teeth trolls, man,” he said. “Ay bro, listen, calm down, bruh. Your bitch ain’t going nowhere she still gone be there I don’t want her.”

Well, he got what he paid for.


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